How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all achieve frequently. It is a state of focused attention such as when you are so totally absorbed in a film that when someone interrupts it can take a few seconds to bring your focus back. If you drive, how often have you arrived at a destination with no memory of having travelled there? This gives you an idea of how easily we go into hypnotic trance.

Hypnosis is personal to each client, a relationship forms between us and the hypnosis allows us to rewrite old, out of date programs to help you achieve the changes you desire.

 As you are in control you can feel reassured that only the changes you want will be accepted by your subconscious. You already use your very powerful imagination which means you are part of the way to your solutions. When we establish the changes you want and harness your own power, you can update old outdated programmes quickly.

Clients often report feeling more relaxed, more refreshed and usually sleep better after a session. In today's busy lives these outcomes are precious.  

Hypnotherapy can address issues such as anxiety relief, phobias, weight control, smoking cessation, performance improvement, confidence building and many more. 

Hypnosis is particularly effective at helping you get relief from the effects of menopause - imagine the benefits of a great night's sleep as the frequency and intensity of those night sweats reduce. 

Send me a message and let's help you make the changes you need and want to have a life that is happier, calmer and more fulfilling. 


I am now taking names for the ladies group "Getting Your Sparkle Back". This group will give you all the benefits of therapy at a price to make regular sessions  


Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

If you are tired of calorie counting and feeling you are sacrificing the things your enjoy but can't shift those annoying pounds, making use of your powerful subconscious might help you attain the healthy body you desire. Exploring our unconscious habits and replacing them with healthy options  with the help of our powerful mind can make a huge difference.


Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

These hot flushes can cause us to lose sleep, lead to foggy thinking, be very embarrassing and so uncomfortable. Hypnosis has been found to reduce the frequency and intensity of the hot flushes often from the first session. Let's help free you up from them and get your life back on track. I have trained extensively so I can help ladies relieve these symptoms,. I love helping ladies get heir sparkle back.


Build your Confidence and Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is the issue most of my clients present with. Its impact can be very debilitating and reduce our enjoyment of life. Hypnosis can give swift relief from anxiety and other unhelpful habits. Using coaching, counselling and hypnosis I can help you build a self confidence that will go on to blossom and enhance your life.