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3 Good Reasons for Having a Mentor

What is a mentor? It is someone whose characteristics include being a good listener and sounding board. knowledgeable, non judgmental, gives constructive feedback and can offer useful resources. So, having a mentor gives you some valuable benefits such as receiving encouragement and being helped to achieve your goals.

3 good reasons why are that 1. you gain valuable advice, 2. you are helped towards better problem solving and 3. it is a great chance to develop your skills and your network.

I have had the good fortune to have several great mentors as I developed my career. One lady is memorable for refusing to reassure me that I was good enough. At first I was disappointed by her comment until she said that were she to reassure me, that would keep me dependent on her for my next dose of reassurance. That was a light bulb moment for me. She did, however, offer to affirm me and shared with me one of the qualities she could see in me that felt real for me and I have cherished ever since. Since then I have told that story to my many mentees with the intention of offering them an affirmation that resonated for them and that they might use as a stepping stone to discover their many other strengths and resources.

So, if you would like to develop more self-belief, more confidence in yourself or your work and have the benefit of a listening ear I would love to share my 20+ years of experience and become your mentor.

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