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Let me help you to free yourself from unhelpful repeating patterns.

I enjoy creating solutions so that each person is supported in ways that suit them best.

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How Therapy Can Help                      You

Do you need help to get more from your life? Is it time to be free from anxiety and depression, to improve your physical and mental health, to improve all relationships in your life? Let me help you NOW.

I provide you with a welcoming and empathic space to explore your issue. Together we will build a toolkit that supports your sense of resilience and self-confidence. With over 20 years of counselling experience I have helped hundreds of clients to eliminate problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, bullying, health problems, self esteem and more. 

Having experience of job loss, health issues, adoption process, anxiety and depression help me to understand the many issues people struggle with. You can find new ways to deal with the impact of such issues and develop your personal toolkit to support yourself towards improved health and wellbeing.

Clients often report that they know I just "get them". I love watching clients complete their work and walk out happier and resourced with their new toolkit.

My keen interest in working with anxiety and trauma and extensive training in both means you can get fast relief from them and start moving on with life. I have supported many NHS staff and other front line workers to reduce their stress fast.

I can help you deal with the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause so you get fast relief from the debilitating effects. 

Do you need help to improve your relationships? I have helped many couples to find better ways to communicate and get more pleasure from their relationship. I can also work with one partner to develop new tools that help their relationship.  I also help improve relationships with friends and co-workers. Contact me now to begin to build your new toolkit. 

Sessions are online using Zoom or WhatsApp. This means we can work together regardless of location, access and/or travel issues. The comfort of your own home can reduce any initial anxiety about starting therapy.

What if you dedicated this year to loving yourself more?


Helpful Information

What happens in a typical session?

There is an initial assessment, gathering details and identifying your ideal goals. Then your sessions are tailored from my multiple methods and tools so that you get the best results for you. I am a trained psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. You don't need to worry about choosing which therapy to have because choosing the route map is part of my role and you just get to enjoy the journey. 


Sessions are usually an hour long though 30 minute sessions might suit teens or be the perfect duration for topping up sessions using hypnotherapy.

Can therapy help me to....

*reduce anxiety and reach a confident and self assured state

*recover from depression and find joy again

*improve confidence and resilience and boost my potential

*learn how to have improved relationships 

*manage workplace bullying by developing personal power

*control my weight and improve health

*quit smoking and improve health

*remove fears and phobias 

*cope with peri- and menopause side effects

reduce the symptoms of PTSD?

Yes it can. 

Imagine having more confidence, better health, happy relationships and enjoying life again. I can help you have these and more by tailoring the therapy to support you to achieve these goals.


I have many tools to assist with weight management which include Slim via Hypnosis, Virtual Gastric Band and OldPain2Go. Each tool approaches achieving your healthy weight differently so your goals can be achieved by tailoring the approach used. 

I have trained extensively in relationship therapies and can adapt the tools to work with individuals and with couples.  You don't need to have a reluctant partner attend to begin to work on the issues.

I have a keen interest in helping resolve the symptoms that come from PTSD using a successful hypnotherapy protocol. Imagine being free from long held issues and regaining a healthy quality of life, safely and quickly.

Sometimes you just don't know what the issue is and need help to work things out.  I can help you identify what changes you want and help you achieve them.

 If there is something you would like help with, let's have a chat about it. 



How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. It is very natural and you probably enter this state daily for example when you are totally absorbed in a film or when you arrive at a destination with no memory of having travelled there. 


You are in control throughout as we use the hypnosis to address and resolve your issues. In fact, hypnosis can give you back control you may have lost. Hypnotherapy has been proven successful for: 

*relieving anxiety and increasing your feelings of calm control

*improving menopause symptoms

*clearing phobias quickly and easily 

*weight control and curbing snack eating and sugar craving

*unwanted habits

*passing exams and driving tests confidently

*improving professional performance

and boost personal effectiveness and confidence. 


There may also be times when you may not want to disclose the details of your issue. Content Free Hypnosis means you do not need to talk about the issue for us to resolve it so you find a new found freedom for your life. 

Please check the hypnotherapy page for details of current programmes. You can mix and match elements from the programmes to suit your needs. You might also want to reduce the cost by bringing a friend - buy one get one half off. 

Can this help with anxiety?

Anxiety is so very common in today's busy world. There are several types of anxiety and can affect people differently. It can seem as if your smoke alarm is permanently in the on position and screaming loudly at you. 

Let's switch that noise off. I have a huge range of possible interventions to choose from so you can feel better fast. 

Please check the anxiety page for more details and some free tips. 

Do you offer supervision for therapists?

I am an experienced supervisor and enjoy supporting others in their work. I offer a menu of support that includes:

*attracting more clients

*expanding knowledge and experiences 

*exploring blockages

*celebrating successes.

Together we create a safe space and a place for you to grow and develop.

Please check the supervision page for details.

How often are sessions and how do I pay?

Therapy is usually weekly or fortnightly and payments can be made online before each session. 

Please see the about page for full details.

Do you offer couples counselling?

When our relationships are causing us pain and distress, this can be very unsettling and having the support from a trained therapist can make a huge positive difference.

I work with couples to help them to improve their relationship and develop a new toolkit for ongoing use. I work flexibly so that sometimes an individual session for each partner can help support the changes needed for the relationship. I aim to encourage each partner to develop so that the relationship is enriched. 

If the relationship is to end, finding ways to end things as cordially as possible can save stress and pain and is worth investing your time in. Please see couples counselling page for more details.

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