Let me help you to free yourself from unhelpful repeating patterns.

I enjoy creating solutions so that each person is supported in ways that suit them best.


A Bit About Therapy With Me

My intention is to provide you with a warm and empathic space to explore your issue. I then help you to build a toolkit that supports your sense of resilience. I have 20 years of counselling experience and have helped many clients to eliminate problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, bullying, health problems, self confidence and more. 

My personal experiences of job loss, health issues, adoption process, anxiety and depression help me to understand the many issues people struggle with. 

Clients often report that they know I just "get them". I love watching clients complete their work and walk out happier and resourced with their new toolkit.

For face to face counselling (after Covid), my counselling room is in my home in Musselburgh. There is free parking available and a good bus service available to make getting here simple. The office is upstairs and there are three steps into the house. I also offer on-line therapy using Zoom which has allowed me to continue to support clients during Covid. It also means we can work together regardless of location, access and/or travel issues.

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My Story

I really believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. I know from personal experience how difficult life can be sometimes. As part of my extensive training I embarked on personal therapy so know how it feels being in the client chair. I appreciate how well my therapy supported me to change, grow and develop and I have continued to explore and learn at every opportunity.

I have experienced bereavement, adoption, job loss, workplace bullying and had anxiety for many years so I have a good understanding of the many and varied issues my clients bring. Dealing with cancer was hugely challenging and I hope that my experience might, in some small way, help others going through a similar journey.

I care about your well-being and provide you with a range of the tools you need in order to find more inner peace and pleasure in your life.

I am currently working on-line to ensure our mutual safety. It is an added bonus that clients can access therapy sessions from the comfort of home.



What if you dedicated this year to loving yourself more?


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Our Services


Helpful Information

What happens in a typical session?

Sessions are an hour long. During the initial session I gather some background information and find out why you have come for therapy and what your goals are. Right away I start helping you to make sense of your situation and begin to share fresh ideas and useful strategies that will help you build your toolkit. Many clients comment that when things crop up they are pleased to have their new tools available to smoothly negotiate their way through. Subsequent sessions then involve working towards you achieving your goals and adding to your toolkit.

Sometimes people can't quite work out what is causing problems and I can help to untangle things and work through to a clear pathway. 

What can therapy help with?

Therapy can help you to:

understand and reduce anxiety

to emerge from the bleakness of depression

improve confidence and resilience

improve relationships

manage workplace bullying

weight control

smoking cessation

fears and phobias 

and so many more issues. If there is something you would like help with, let's have a chat about it. 

Sometimes you may not know what the issue is and need help to work things out.  I can help with that. There may also be times when you may not want to disclose the details and I can work in ways that mean you do not need to talk about the issue for us to resolve it. 

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. It is very natural and you probably enter this state daily for example when you are totally absorbed in a film or when you arrive at a destination with no memory of having travelled there.  You are in control throughout as we use the hypnosis to address and resolve your issues.  Hypnotherapy can address issues such as anxiety, phobias, weight control and many more. I have had great results with clients looking to pass exams and driving tests and to boost confidence. 

Please check the hypnotherapy page for more details. 

Can this help with anxiety?

Anxiety is so very common in today's busy world. There are several types of anxiety and can affect people differently. It can seem as if your smoke alarm is permanently in the on position. 

I have a huge range of possible interventions to choose from so you can feel better and improve your health. 

Please check the anxiety page for more details. 

Do you offer supervision?

I am an experienced supervisor and enjoy supporting others in their work. I offer a menu of support that includes expanding knowledge and experiences, exploring blockages and celebrating successes. Together we create a safe space and a growthful experience.

Please check the supervision page for details.

How often are sessions and how do I pay?

Therapy is usually weekly or fortnightly and payments can be made in cash or online. 

Please see the about page for full details.

Do you offer couples counselling?

I work with couples to help them to improve their relationship or to find ways to end the relationship as cordially as possible. Please see couples counselling page for more details.


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