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Do you offer couples counselling?

I work with couples to help them to improve their relationship or to find ways to end the relationship as cordially as possible. Often, people have reached a painful place before seeking help. Help is available and you can get relief from that pain.

Couples learn how to be in a relationship by modelling the families they grew up in. Merging two different family styles can be very challenging and create anxiety and depression for both parties. Learning some new techniques and building a relationships toolkit can quickly bring much needed relief. 

Many issues, such as recovering from affairs, being disengaged from the relationship, frustrating sex-life, drifting apart or managing regular rows and conflicts can be very distressing and seem quite complex from within the relationship. Talking and being supported by a neutral therapist can help to relieve the pressure. 

I can help each of you to find new ways to connect and defuse conflicts. 


Please contact me for more information.

Graduate of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at the Couples Institute

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