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Can this help with anxiety?

Yes, I can definitely help you get relief from anxiety.

Anxiety is so very common in today's busy world. There are several types of anxiety and can affect people differently. It can seem as if your smoke alarm is permanently in the on position. Let's stop that noise now, quickly and easily.

Sometimes identifying and adjusting the underlying cause may give relief and therapy can help with that. I have a variety of therapy methods to use and teach easy techniques so you can support yourself. 

Where the cause is more difficult to identify, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) is great at helping rewire the brain for relief. If the cause is something a client would prefer not to disclose, BWRT or Kinetic Shift (KS) can still be extremely effective. 

I have a huge range of possible interventions to choose from to help support you to better health.

You do not need to live with anxiety any longer. Contact me now and we can get to work on this for you.

Read on for free tips to get you started.


PTSD is physical and psychological reaction to emotional trauma. Traumas can include early years loss, bullying, failing an important test, loss of a partner, unrecognized dyslexia, accidents and illnesses. The reactions can include insomnia, anxiety, depression, anger, flashbacks, pain, guilt and shame, alcohol and substance abuse, exhaustion and cognitive dysfunction. 

There is a sliding scale of symptoms ranging from lack of self-care via anxiety and depression through to terrors and paralysis. 

Using a tried and tested protocol I can help you get relief from these symptoms. 

Free Tips for You

Create helpful habits fast

The following tips can help you quickly get some relief. Getting the root cause can make the change permanent. Use these until we can meet to begin helping you to get the changes you want.


When we are anxious we often breathe using only the top of our lungs. A quick and easy way to change your emotional state is to change your breathing. I recommend 7/11 breathing as an effective way to become calm. Breathe in for the count of 7 and out for the count of 11. Do it while you wait for your kettle to boil - every time. Create a health habit easily.

Body Language

Take a moment and breathe deeply then imagine a string pulling your head up and straightening your spine. Continue to breathe using your 7/11 technique and notice that you begin to feel better already

Name that Feeling

Take a moment to work out what you are feeling. Name it. Is it fear? Is it anger? What is it? Consider how intense it feels and give it a number out of 10. Do your 7/11 breathing and pull your spine up with the invisible thread. Take a bit of time to notice the number beginning to reduce. It will reduce and that can give you hope that you will soon feel much better.

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