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Ladies, is it time to get your Sparkle back?

Between looking after others, dashing around balancing work and other tasks and dealing with the way our bodies seem to change almost overnight, it can seem ages since we felt like we really had our Sparkle on, can't it?

Is it time for us to begin to know our power and truly step into it? Is it time to begin a nurturing self care programme? It must surely be time to get relief from anxieties, physical drains such as menopause or perimenopause, improve our sleep quality, get the healthy body we really want.

Imagine having more peace and contentment and a real sense of Sparkle again.

My Ladies group is the best place to get that Sparkle back. In this group we will help our Old Fat 2 Go, get relief from those debilitating hot flushes and night sweats and all the other little gems that come our way with them. We will develop lots of tools for taking back control from anxiety and anything else that stops us truly stepping into our power, being the wonderful, beautiful women we have always been that has gotten buried beneath the other stuff.

Working in a group is a truly cost effective way to treat ourselves to get back in touch with our spirit.

The Getting Your Sparkle Back Ladies group will provide an environment where we can support each other, share ideas, held each other accountable for achieving goals. Each of us will bring our best self and help others do the same. Using a mixture of tools from therapy and hypnosis, and creating a space to talk and share, this is an opportunity to release ourselves from past burdens and truly Sparkle.

Drop me a message to let me know if you are ready to get your Sparkle back and join a lovely, caring group of ladies.

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