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Tropical Moments

A recent Guardian article was headed "Menopause at the centre of increasing number of UK employment tribunals"*

Little wonder, when we consider how debilitating the symptoms of both menopause and perimenopause can be. For some women, the hot flushes can be not only unbearable but also very embarrassing. The impact of the night sweats, where some women have to change their clothes and even their bedding in the night can affect the quality and amount of sleep and leave us feeling "wrung out" next day. Sleep issues can then add to the foggy headedness in the day time leaving us unable to perform at our best at work next day.

Until recently nobody talked about these things but thankfully that is changing now. We are better at sharing and supporting ourselves and each other. There are some employers who are looking into adding Menopause Policies to their HR files. However, there is still work to be done there and many employers have yet to educate themselves on how to support their workforce.

If you are struggling with those Tropical Moments or the mood swings, foggy headedness or loss of interest in life, hypnosis might hold the key. Ladies have reported a reduction in the frequency of the flushes and sweats and also the intensity. A good night's sleep can make such a positive difference to how we tackle the daily challenges too.

I have added a Menopause Programme to the toolkit and want to help as many women as I can to get their lives back on track - get their sparkle back!

*Saturday 7th August 2021

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