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Your Good Health

Updated: May 24, 2020

Most of us would not have imagined 2020 to take us on this weird journey would we? No doubt many of us have been very frightened and filled with anxiety by not just the invisible virus but also because we had no route-map with which to settle and soothe ourselves. But, take just a few moments to admire just how well you have done over the past few months. You have made the necessary adjustments to either being locked down or reducing your normal activities. We humans are fairly remarkable beings and our adaptability is key to our survival. I appreciate that most of us wriggled and squirmed a bit at the beginning because we could not imagine dealing with the many losses ahead. We lost a lot of freedom, most of our spontaneity (planning our supermarket runs down to a T?) and the very painful loss of contact with our families and friends. Some perhaps suffered even more devastating loss too, sadly. Some people may have experienced depression at the loss of contact and structure. Many relationships will have been tested in unexpected ways.

If we take a few moment now though to just focus on the gains we may have experienced then hopefully you might take heed of the great many acts of kindness we have witnessed. I have loved the slower pace of life - as if some of the pressures were lifted off me - what about you? Was that slower pace a bit of a relief for you too? I have loved the calmness of nature who has gone about her business quietly and offered us some beautiful clear blue skies, pretty spring flowers and buds, sunshine. I wonder if you have, like me, thought that the lockdown was made a bit easier because of the blue skies? I have seen so many people walking, running and cycling and it is great to know people are taking care of their physical health. What about emotional health?

I hope you have been able to use the technology available to make some contact with family and friends and we hope that very soon, we can visit them properly as some restrictions lift. And with that might come some anxiety about being catapulted back into the hurly burly of the old life. But it won't be the old life, not really, because there are still changes taking place. So if or when that anxiety strikes, please pay attention to it. Perhaps ask it to be clearer about what the fear is. There may be some things you can take control of and there will probably be others that you can't. Even by noticing the distinction, you may feel a bit better just attending to the bits within your control. As for the rest of it, go gently. Take things at a pace that works for you. Negotiate for support if you need it. If you begin to get into a bit of panic, be aware that your imagination is hard at work, painting scary pictures. And if it can design scary things, it can design hopeful and pleasant things. So, you might sit and imagine the good things ahead and then notice that your anxiety will drop a bit or maybe a lot. Anxiety about the future is a bit like sitting in a rocking chair and expecting to travel down the motorway in it!

So here's to your good health. If you have struggled with anxiety and depression or need any help with relationships to boost your health, reach out - I will be there. I offer individual and couples counselling.

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